Meet Festival - Terms and conditions

Meet Festival - Terms and conditions

Please take the time to read these terms and conditions before booking. By clicking agree and paying your deposit you are hereby accepting the below and enter a contract with MEET Festival 2022! in wish both parties have an obligation to the respective duties. If you are booking for multiple people you are required to share this with them and agree on their behalf. 

Booking terms.-

You are required to pay a deposit to secure your booking. Under no circumstance is this deposit refundable. 

The full balance of your booking is due on the date specified at the time of booking prior to the event. MEET Festival reserve the right to cancel your booking if payment is not received and the deposit will not be refunded.

Cancellation of a booking is accepted if made before the 60 days lead up to the event. Payments made are not able to be refunded, however. If you would like to cancel your booking you may do so at any time by notifying the booking partners or MEET Festival directly. Any money paid to date is not refundable. By cancelling your booking, you waive any right to a refund of your booking should the eventuality of cancellation of the festival.

Postponement of the ticket for the following year is done at the discretion of the organizers and on case-by-case basis only.  

Changing the name/transferring a booking to a new person is allowed but only by discretion of MEET Festival and only with the explicit consent of the booking holder. This cannot be done within 60 days of the trip, however. 

You confirm that at the time of booking you will be at the age of 18 or older on the first day of the scheduled MEET Festival 2022 week on which you check in at the festival. If you fail to provide a up to two individual proofs of identification (passport, driving license, ID, credit card) you will be refused entry to MEET Festival and rejected with no refund. 

Cancellation of the event.-

MEET Festival reserve the right to cancel the whole or part of the event in any circumstance deemed necessary, especially when customer and staff safety are in question.

In no circumstances will refund for external bookings, such as flights and accommodation externally booked be made by MEET Festival.

Meet! Festival strongly advises all clients to purchase “cancel for any reason” trip insurance. Each client is 100% responsible for any loss, penalties, fees, or other financial consequences arising out of booking a trip or the cancellation of a trip.

Customer Travel.- 

All customers are responsible for ensuring they has the right documents and validity on their passport before travel. MEET Festival will not reimburse any costs or loss of trip for these circumstances

MEET Festival will not absorb any costs incurred from changes in any currency situation and therefore reserves the right to pass any costs on the customers in instances such as a drastic change in exchange rate. 

MEET Festival highly recommend each person to take out specific Travel insurance.

Customers are responsible to keep up to date with latest travel changes in accordance with Covid-19 regulations. MEET Festival will try to always advise on these changes but cannot be responsible for ensuring customers to have all the information. Please check the Governments website of your country and the Dominican Republic for the most up to date information. 

All customers are responsible for researching if they need any medical advice before travelling to MEET Festival 2022! in the Dominican Republic.

Your conduct.- 

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are entering into an agreement that your conduct will be reasonable in all aspects of the trip, towards staff, other patrons, suppliers, and public of the resort. MEET Festival reserve the right to eject any customer from the festival if deemed to be behaving in a way deemed unacceptable to reasonable behavior. This will result in the festival wristband being cut off and no refund made. Unreasonable behavior included but is not limited to, drunk and disorderly, sexual harassment, aggressive behavior, racist, sexist, and homophobic behavior, and drug misuse. 

The security of the resort enforces strict laws around disorderly behavior, it is patrons responsibly to familiarize themselves with these rules. If the security staff eject a person from the town or the hotel, no refund for inconvenience will be made by MEET Festival.

Suppliers of accommodation hire, and other aspects of the trip reserve their rights to refuse service to any customer they wish. No refund will be made in this instance from MEET Festival. 

Consumption of alcohol is acceptable in accordance with Dominican regulations.

MEET Festival operate an absolute ZERO tolerance for drugs at the festival. Including the surrounding areas and accommodation. If found under the influence, dealing or in possession of drugs you will categorically be handed over to legal authorities.

There are strict laws when crossing international borders both by coach and air- customers are responsible to ensure they are aware of the law and if refused entry into the country for any reason, no refund will be made by MEET Festival for the loss of trip. 

In the case of any of the above, MEET Festival may ban a patron from any future events as well as partner events. MEET Festival reserve the right to reject and cancel any booking prior to departure and will give a refund in this case.

Risk and liability.- 

 Accepting these terms means you have understood the assumed risk involved with any of the activities you are booking. You have also consented that you are fit and able to take part in the activity. Your judgement alone is the only validation of this. In any case where you need advice, please consult your doctor prior to departure or the instructor before you take part in the activity. It is the customer complete responsibility to ensure they are safe to take part and MEET Festival take no responsibility for your misjudgment of ability.

Any activity that takes place is done so under the instruction of a fully trained, qualified, and verified instructor who has insurance. 

All third parties are checked and verified they are in possession of public liability insurance. Any injury or fault caused by a third-party supplier is under their responsibility. 

Whilst MEET Festival may advise clients on what to bring to the Caribbean, they take no responsibility for illness or injury caused by inappropriate dress. Clients are responsible to ensure they are well equipped for the tropical weather. 

Persons may be required to sign a waiver before taking part in some activities. Taking part in the activity will be denied if refusal to sign the waiver. No refund will be made in this instance. 

Food Allergies and Allergies Notification, Acknowledgement, and Release of Liability- all persons are responsibility for verifying the food they are eating is free of any allergens.

You are solely responsible for your personal possessions and property; it is your sole and full responsibility to look after your personal belongings. Where you lose any item of your personal possessions, whilst we do everything possible to locate lost property, we cannot guarantee to do so, nor can we guarantee to be able to arrange for your property to be returned.


All complaints are required in writing and MEET Festival is compelled to respond as soon as possible. 

Any legal disputes will be governed by Dominican Law only.

Equal Access.-

MEET Festival will in all cases try to accommodate all disabilities with notification. If failed to notify MEET Festival  of a special requirement we cannot take responsibility for your loss of activity.

Damage deposits.-

The hotel where is going to be held MEET Festival has their own “Damages Policy”, and they will ask you to accept their conditions, by signing and subscribing a document that they will present to you.

If you cause any damage to the MEET Festival 2022! Either the production, sound, stage, lights, decoration, DJ booth, or any other asset, in addition of any of the artists or staff of the event, you will be responsible and will have to indemnify up to the required amount to pay for the caused damages.

You may will be required to pay a “Damages Deposit” to either the hotel where is going to be held MEET Festival, your accommodation supplier or directly to MEET Festival to handle on your behalf. The amount is variable between the Hotel or suppliers and will be communicated with you beforehand. If any damage occurs and MEET Festival is liable to pay for the damage, then the Damage Deposits will be dealt with in accordance with the conditions below.

If the hotel where is going to be held MEET Festival is unable to identify the likely individual(s) who caused the damage or the apartment(s) within which such individual(s) is staying or if we are unable to identify the group of such individual(s) then we will take the cost of the damage from the Damage Deposits pooled with all the individuals of that room.

“Damages” that we can claim are all the damages that MEET Festival is liable to pay together with any costs that we incur or are liable to incur as a result of our reasonable approach to dealing with damage and cleaning issues including, without limitation, any breakages in or damage to your apartment or communal areas within apartment blocks, any damage to private businesses, residential property or public venues in the resort, any damage to outdoor public areas in the resort, your group booking deficits, and complaint fines including noise complaints or behavior fines. We are also entitled to deduct any other amounts owed to us by you or other members of your group from your Damage Deposits including, without limitation, any unpaid balance that you owe us, any amendment Charges, and any administration charges MEET Festival is the facilitator for the damage deposit process ensuring that your check in is quicker by avoiding direct contact and payments with local suppliers.

Certain resort suppliers may insist that you allow them to take payment from your credit card or leave a cash deposit with them to cover damage that you / an individual(s) staying in your apartment may make e.g., your accommodation provider may not release room keys or bracelet keys to you unless you leave a cash deposit with them. If a resort supplier retains any payment from you because of damage that you or other individual(s) in your apartment has caused, please notify us so that we can make sure that you are not charged twice for the same damage.

After your holiday has ended, we will send you an email that contains details of the amount of Damage Deposit that will be refunded to you. This will be within 8 weeks from the end date of the event (we will always endeavor to return them sooner).

Any Damage Deposits that are returned will be returned to the card that the Main Booker used to make the deposit payment. It is the Main Booker’s responsibility to ensure that this card is functioning appropriately. If it is not, for example, because it has expired, we will need written notification from the Main Booker of the new card details and we will deduct an administration charge of US$20.00 from the amount of Damage Deposits that we return. If you wish to reclaim your Damage Deposit into an international bank account, you are liable for the costs of the international bank transfer. Damage deposits unclaimed after 42 days from the notification of return will be void.

Where we, in our reasonable opinion, need to investigate a damage claim and/or contest the level of a damage claim being brought by a third party, for example, a local agency, the mayor’s office or the local police, we will charge a minimum of US$100.00 by way of an administration charge for the work that we do investigating and/or contesting the claim. If we spend significant time investigating and/or contesting a damage claim we may charge up to US$250.00 by way of an administration charge for the work that we do investigating and/or contesting the claim however we will not charge more than US$100.00 unless the value of the damages claim is more than US$500.00.

If you cause damage or if you are staying in an apartment or room within which another individual is staying who causes damage, then you must pay for the costs of such damage while you are still in resort if the hotel asks you to. If you fail to pay for the damage costs in resort when they ask you to, then, without limiting our rights to recover payment from you, we may cancel your booked arrangements immediately without any liability on our part. In these circumstances you will be required to leave the accommodation or other service and we will have no responsibility to find alternatives for you. We will not make any refunds to you or cover any expenses that you may incur because of us cancelling your services in these circumstances.

If you hire any items from the hotel where is going to be held MEET Festival or any suppliers including, without limitation, helmets or clothing and you fail to return them to us or to our suppliers on time, you will be responsible for the replacement costs of the relevant items. We may deduct the cost of these items from your Damage Deposit.

Name Changes - Name changes are charged at US$20.00 (US Dollars) per name change. 

** MEET Festival reserves the right to update these terms and conditions. These terms are always available on the website for easy access of the person**

Travel Restrictions

Any conditions in relation to Covid-19 travel restrictions which result in the event unable to go ahead completely will be treated as force majeure. If such travel requirements do not cause the event to be stopped and the event can still go ahead, no refunds or offerings of alternatives will be given. Travel and stay at the hotel requirements could include but are not limited to PCR or other testing, health certificates, vaccination proof, quarantining and other such policies by Dominican government or local authorities. Whilst all these circumstances ever changing and are out of our control, MEET Festival remains at the abide of the law. All customers are responsible for taking the appropriate measures. MEET Festival therefore take no responsibility for customers expenses incurred if entry to the festival or country is denied. 

Privacy policy.- 

Your information is protected in all circumstances and only shared with supplier in the case where your order is passed to them. For example, waterski hire or accommodation bookings. Suppliers do not use your information for any purpose other than to guarantee your booking.

If necessary, the hotel where is going to be held MEET Festival could be required to provide the police of the town with a list of client names of who is in the resort. This is a legal resort for client’s safety.

Any photos/video footage from the event which includes your image and/or name, will be granted as use for our marketing and promotional purposes on a royalty free basis.